Mission Sending Agency Services


Helping you. Helping your missionaries.

Sending agencies and missionaries have unique banking needs. ECCU understands those needs as few other financial institutions do, and this understanding is demonstrated through our accounts and services to you and your missionaries.


We offer:

  • Extensive experience delivering financial services internationally.
  • Security by safeguarding information (e.g., removing terms like “Christian” and “gospel” in any correspondence sent to sensitive countries).
  • Efficiency by facilitating transactions like account transfers, payroll, and wire transfers between you and your missionaries.
  • Accounts and services designed for missionaries, such as Visa® Gold cards, remote access (via an international phone line, the web, and email), free checking with direct deposit, a savings account that helps them get ready for their next home assignment, and much more.
  • Quick responses to questions and problems from our dedicated member services team that’s accustomed to serving missionaries.

If you are a missionary, and your sending agency qualifies for ECCU membership, you are also eligible for membership. To learn more about our missionary banking services and resources, or to open an account, visit www.eccu.org/missionary.