Remote Deposit Services


Save money. Save time.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) technology gives you quicker access to your funds while saving time and money by reducing trips to the bank. And you’ll reduce the risk of fraud with accelerated check clearing and other security features.

When you call ECCU, we’ll walk you through the entire process, consulting all along the way to develop the right RDC solution for your ministry—one that works with your accounting and donor software.


With RDC:

  • Same day account settlement and availability give you quicker access to funds.
  • You save time and reduce data entry by automatically capturing check amounts and exporting data to update your donor and/or financial systems.
  • Duplicate detection reduces the possibility of costly errors or fraud exposure.
  • You have internal control to set and manage user access and privileges.

Are you already using an integrated donor and/or remittance solution that includes RDC technology? Then you’ll want to consider implementing Image File Deposit (IFD), which allows you to transmit deposit files from your system to ECCU. IFD gives you the convenience of same-day account settlement and availability, which means quicker access to your funds and higher earnings. You’ll also reduce costs associated with courier service or trips to the bank.


Managing Ministry Funds

When managed wisely, all the funds donated to your ministry can significantly increase your potential for kingdom impact.

Safety and Security

As your ministry’s finances become increasingly complex, you need the confidence that they are safely invested and securely managed, so you can stay focused on ministry.