Credit and Debit Card Fraud Protection

ECCU is committed to protecting our members' assets. Our fraud monitoring system screens card activity 24/7.

To report a lost or stolen debit card, call 888.241.2510 domestically or 909.941.1398 internationally. To report a lost or stolen credit card, call 800.VISA.911 domestically or 727.570.4849 internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when suspicious or unusual activity occurs?

A temporary block will be placed on your card and our Card Security Service will attempt to contact you directly at the phone number we have on file for you to verify the transaction(s) in question. Your card may be permanently blocked if we cannot establish contact with you after a reasonable amount of time has elapsed.

What is the impact and what happens if fraud occurs?

Once you confirm the transactions as fraud, your card will be permanently blocked and you will be reissued a new card within the normal reissue time frame (7-10 business days for domestic mail and up to 25 business days for international mail).

What happens if the charge is legitimate but your Card Security Service is unable to get in touch with me?

ECCU reserves the right to re-open your card if you are able to contact us, or if based on prior activity or knowledge, we know the charge to be legitimate. If our Card Security Service cannot reach you by phone, a temporary block will be placed until the transaction can be validated or confirmed as fraud.

What happens if I travel somewhere new or need to make a large purchase that does not fit within the pattern of my normal activity?

Your card may be blocked; however, ECCU may choose to re-open your card at any time. It is recommended that you contact ECCU ahead of time to inform us of your plans.

What can I expect from your Card Security Service?

Individuals calling from our Card Security Service will identify themselves as calling on behalf of ECCU and will call only when there is suspicious or unusual activity on your credit, debit, or ATM card. You should expect a Card Security Analyst to ask you to validate if a specific transaction(s) is valid or not. They may ask you to verify the last 4 digits of your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security number (SSN) to ensure they are speaking with the true cardholder. They will not ask for your card number, password, or other personal identification information. In some cases, you may receive an automated phone call and will be asked to verify your transactions using your telephone keypad to respond. If you are unavailable to take the initial call, they will leave their phone number and a short message. Please note, they will be unable to provide other ECCU services to you.

What steps can I take to protect my account?

ECCU encourages all members to regularly monitor and identify any unauthorized activity on their accounts. Credit card holders can enroll online to monitor their credit card activity at Visa® Gold check card and Member Express users can enroll online at for ECCU Online, our secure online banking service, to review debit card activity on their accounts. Both services are free.