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ACH Collections

Collect funds (e.g., donations, tuition) and obtain greater control of your cash flow with our Automated Clearing House (ACH) collections service. Automatically collect one-time or recurring payments by directly debiting your customer's checking or saving accounts and electronically transferring the funds to your AdelFi account on a specific date. You can provide your donors with an alternative to credit cards and checks that produces faster payments and more efficient processing for your ministry. Ideal for members or donors who want to make automatic monthly contributions.

With AdelFi's ACH Collections you can:

  • Collect money from individuals and/or organizations
  • Get paid faster by automatically collecting payments from donors, members or customers
  • Provide users an alternative to cash or checks
  • Schedule one-time or recurring collections
  • Run Notice of Change (NOC) and Return Reports

Rates & Fees

Online Banking ACH Fees:

Monthly maintenance fee: $20
File Fee (per file): $5.95
5 Entry Fee (per entry): $0.12
One-time set up fee: $100

NACHA File Upload Fees:

Monthly maintenance fee: $35
File Fee (per file): $9.95
Entry Fee (per entry): $0.10
One-time set up fee: $100

See the schedule of fees for all accounts and fees.