Visa® Business Credit Card

  • No personal guarantee
  • Low interest rate

Visa business credit card

A smart alternative to cash, checks, and personal credit cards, the Visa® Business Credit Card provides an easy way to pay everyday business expenses and reduces the need for expense reimbursement. With the Visa® Business Credit Cards, your ministry maintains the ability to track and detail business transactions for each credit card account. Credit cards include:

  • No personal guarantees
  • 1% Foreign Transaction Fee
  • Low interest rate
  • Online reporting for individualized expense tracking
  • Unlimited number of employee cards
  • Ability to set and manage cardholder spending limits
  • 25-day grace period
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Auto rental collision damage waiver
  • 24/7 Visa® Customer Care and Emergency Assistance
  • Emergency cash disbursement or card replacement
  • Visa® zero liability protection* from fraud
  • EMV Chip technology for enhanced security and fraud protection (FAQs)
  • Simplify how you shop both in-store and online with Visa® Checkout
  • Pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay and/or Samsung Pay: Learn more

Rates and Fees:

  • $40.00 annual fee per card; waived with just 5 spending transactions**
  • 12.5% Variable APR
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 1%

*ECCU reimburses you for unauthorized credit transactions made at stores, ATMs, on the phone, or online when reported within 60 days of the statement date showing the unauthorized transaction. Qualified transactions do not include payment or returns. Certain limitations apply. See Visa® Business Credit Card Agreement for details.

**Waived with 5 spending transactions. Payments, refunds and exchanges not included.

✝See Pricing, Rate and Terms.

See ECCU's Account Information and Fee Schedule for complete pricing and information.