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New ECCU accounts* provide resources for struggling Home School Foundation families.

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What you'll need to get started:

Applicant information (including any joint applicants)

To become a member and open accounts online you'll need the following:

  • Driver’s license or state-issued ID
  • Social Security number
  • Name, address, and phone number

If you are under 18 years of age, print and complete our Membership and Account Application and mail to Member Services.

If you are a Non-U.S. Person, print and complete the forms listed in the drop-down below.

Opening deposit

Easily transfer from another account (have your bank routing number and account number available) or fund your account with a credit card.

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Member Benefits

Missionary members have access to practical financial resources focusing on biblical principles as well as tips on fundraising, travel, international banking, and more. You also get to use banking accounts and services designed specifically for missionaries with reduced fees to save on international transactions. In 2013 our missionary members saved almost $800,000 in fees based on the national average.

Missionary Lifetime Membership
You don’t have to give up your membership even if you change jobs, organizations or retire from field-work. Just maintain an open account and you’re a member for life!

I am a current ECCU member and want to add an account

If you’re already a member, give us a call at 800.634.3228 to add additional accounts to your ECCU membership.

You can also complete the Membership and Account Application and mail or fax it to our offce. Please be sure to include a check with your opening deposit or indicate the ECCU account from which to transfer your opening deposit.

All Non-U.S. Person(s) must print and complete the following forms:

  • Membership and Account Application
  • Expected Member Activity Form: This form will allow ECCU to recognize your expected financial transaction activity and contact you if abnormal transactions post to your account(s). This form is required per U.S. Federal regulations.
  • Foreign Status Form: When there is a U.S. address or phone number on the application, this form must be completed by each owner on the account who is a non-U.S. person. If the account is being opened for a U.S. person jointly with a non-U.S. person, this form does not apply.

Required forms of ID for Non-U.S. Person to be submitted with application

  • A photocopy of your unexpired passport or government photo ID
  • Must be a missionary, pastor, or ministry worker. Must obtain a letter from your Mission Sending Agency or an existing ECCU member ministry as proof of your affiliation or an email from a valid ministry email domain.

NOTE: Your membership application cannot be approved until we have received the completed forms.

Mail completed forms to Member Services.

**Qualified ECCU accounts: Checking or Interest Checking account, Savings or Money Market Savings, Certificates and Everyday Cashback Credit Card.