Most Valuable Resources of 2012

This special edition brings you the best of 2012, including resources our readers responded to most often. We hope you’ll find many of them to be of value to you and your ministry.


Budgeting 101 (ECCU Webinar Recording)

Advanced Budgeting (ECCU Webinar Recording)

How to Budget in a Changing Economy (ECCU White Paper)

3 Key Budgeting Principles (ECCU Blog)

QuickBooks Budgeting Tips (ECCU Blog)

Annual Operating Budget Forecast Template

Budgeting Checklist


Essential Guide to Money for Church Boards (eBook by Richard Hammar)

Volunteers: How to Keep ‘Em Around (ECCU Blog)


Mixed Results in Latest Economic Survey of Nonprofits (ECCU Blog)

The Economy Continues to Squeeze Americans’ Charitable Giving (Barna Group Article)


Is Now the Time to Refinance Your Ministry’s Loan? (ECCU White Paper)

Purchasing and Financing Existing Facilities Today (ECCU White Paper)

Assembling the Financial Team (ECCU White Paper)


Proven Ways to Increase Giving to Your Ministry! (ECCU Webinar Recording)

Nine Clever Ways to Thank Your Donors (ECCU Blog)

Changes in Online Giving (ECCU Blog)

Key Steps for Handling Love Offerings (ECCU Blog)

Getting into Trouble with Benevolence Requests (ECCU Blog)

CapinCrouse LLP (Accounting and Advisory Firm)

Crown Financial Ministries

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

Generis (Stewardship, Generosity, and Fundraising Guides)

Good$ense Movement (Willow Creek Association)

National Christian Foundation (Christian Grant-Making Foundation)


Religious Accountability Commission Releases Report, Recommendations (ECCU Blog)

Be Aware of 2013 Changes in Federal and IRS Rates and Limits (ECCU Blog)

Important Reminders about Transporting Money across Borders (ECCU Blog)

Ministry Financial Health

Use Internal Controls for Your Checking Account (ECCU Blog)

Why Your Ministry Might Be Overspending (ECCU Blog)

Protecting Your Ministry from Fraud (ECCU Blog)

Top 10 Financial Mistakes Churches Make (ChurchLeaders Article)


Do You Qualify as a Minister for Tax Purposes? (ECCU Blog)

Who’s Checking Your Senior Leader’s Expenses? (ECCU Blog)

What Keeps Us From Accountability? (ECCU Blog)

2012-2013 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff

Cash Reserves

Cash Reserves: Why you need them. How to build them. (ECCU Webinar Recording)

Cash Reserves: How Much Is Enough? (ECCU White Paper)

Why Your Ministry Needs a Replacement Reserve Fund (ECCU Blog)

How Much Should Your Church Have In Cash Reserves? (ECFA Article by Dan Busby)

Building the Oil Supply and Stocking the Storehouse (ECFA Article by John Zietlow)

ECCU Replacement Reserves Calculator

Where Should You Keep Your Investments? (ECCU Blog)

Saving Cash Could Save Your Ministry (ECCU Blog)

Ministry Advisory Panel (MAP) Survey Reports

What Matters Most in Ministry Banking? (2012 Financial Forums Survey Results)

Christianity in America and Quarterly Financial Trends

Quarterly Ministry Trends, Cash Reserves, and Ministry Confidence

Ministry Financial Trends (2011 in Review)

If you found these resources to be helpful, we encourage you to share them with your peers and other members of your team.

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**The resources on this page are provided by ECCU for educational use only. They are not intended to be legal or accounting advice. ECCU disclaims any liability arising out of your use of, or any financial position taken in reliance on, information produced by the use of these resources.