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How do I pay a person using their email address?

The first time you send a payment to a new recipient using only their email address (if you don't have their account information), follow these steps in ECCU's online banking:

  • Go to Pay a Bill/Person and Select Add Payee
  • Select "Individual" as Payee Type and "Electronic-I don't have their bank information" for Payment Type and enter the individuals’s name and email address
  • Enter a Keyword that you then share with the person
  • Communicate to the individual that you’re sending them money and that they need to enter the Keyword you provide
  • The individual receives an email, clicks the link and is taken to ECCU's secure webpage where they can enter the shared secret and their bank information

That's it. This and any future payment is sent electronically to the individual’s bank account. You do not need to complete the shared secret each time you make a payment to the same individual.