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How do I set up an external account for transfer?

How do I set-up an external account for transfer?

Setting up an external account for transfer is a 2-step process.

Step 1: Add the external account. Click or tap Menu>Transfer Money>Setup External Account and input the following information. Once the information has been entered, click or tap Continue:

  • Institution’s Routing Number
  • Your Account Number
  • Account Type (Checking or Savings)

Within 5 business days, two "micro" deposits (Less than $1) will post to your external account. Notate the amounts of the deposits as they are needed for the verification process.

Step 2: Verify external transfer account. Once the "micro" deposits are received, the external account can be verified. Click or tap Menu>Transfer Money> Verify External Account. Enter the amounts of the “micro” deposits. Click or tap Continue.

After verification, the external account will appear in the list of accounts available for transfers.