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How do you protect my child from debit card misuse?

While allowing a child as young as 8 to have a debit card may seem uncomfortable or uncommon to some, these cards and normal transactions are part of the learning process. We want to help your child discover digital spending before they are given that first credit card offer at age 18.

To ensure they're using their accounts responsibly, all Start Young debit cards come with the following transaction limits:

  • Daily Purchase Limit: $100.00
  • Purchase Count Limit: 5 per day
  • Daily ATM Limit: $100.00
  • ATM Count Limit: 5 per day

Additionally, your child will not have access to card management features like removing or changing their limits, reordering a card, or changing their pin.

Other controls and security options are up to you as parents. Parents can adjust or remove any card limits as well as turn on and off temporary blocks. And depending on the current level of responsibility of your child, they may not be ready to manage their card. If your son or daughter is regularly leaving their jacket at school or losing items, maybe you want to keep their debit card in your wallet when they're not using it.