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How do I stay notified about my child's activity?

You can set up alerts to come via text message, email, phone call or secure message in online and mobile banking.

Alerts are found in online banking or the mobile app by selecting "Settings" and "Manage Alerts" from the main menu. Below are the main types of alerts you'll want to set based on your child's potential account usage or activity:

Account Alerts: This notifies you if an account's balance falls below a threshold you set. If you want a daily notification of your child's balance, you can set the following alert:

  • Account: Select child's account
  • Field: Current Balance
  • Comparison: Greater Than
  • Amount: $0
  • Delivery Method: Your preference of secure message, email, automated phone call or text. To turn on, select "Account Alert" from the drop down menu

History Alerts: This notifies you of transactions (charges or deposits) on your child's account. You can set up the alert to notify you of a transaction over a specified amount or a transaction that fits a certain description (for example: Amazon).

Online Transaction Alerts: These alerts will notify you if your child completes a funds transfer between their accounts.

Security Alerts: This is where it can get a little technical. You'll want to set up security alerts for your account access so you're notified if your password is changed, a new device is used, etc. But you'll also want to set up alerts that notify you if there are changes in your child's account access.

To adjust your child's security alerts, log in with them. Have them go to "Settings," "Manage Alerts," select "Security Alerts," then click "Edit Delivery Preferences." Here you can set the alert to come to you for any of the selected notices you want to receive. This will ensure your child can't change their security settings or login information without your knowledge.

Bill Pay Alerts: For parents of teens only, you can also set up Bill Pay alerts to monitor when they're paying bills or sending money to friends (only teens have access to these features). These alerts are set up by going to "Pay a Bill/Person" from the main menu then selecting "Delete a Payee and More" and "More Bill Pay Settings". From there, select "My Account" from the menu then "View alerts." You can set email or text alerts related to payments, payees, and more.