Personal Banking Support

Account Information

How do I open an account?
You can apply for membership and open an account by using our online application.

Current members can open additional accounts by logging in to online banking and clicking the New Account text under the Service Request tab.

How do I get free checking?
With ECCU Checking, fees are waived just by selecting online statements.

For our Interest Checking, monthly maintenance fees are waived when your account meets either of these criteria during the month:

  • $1,000 Minimum Daily Balance
  • $5,000 Combined Minimum Daily Balance

How can I make deposits to my personal account?
You have three deposit options:

  • Use deposit-taking ATMs in the United States that are part of the credit union network. To find an ATM near you, use the CO-OP ATM locator. (Be sure to use the advanced search function and check the box for a deposit-taking ATM.)
  • Direct deposit electronically. This is a quick and secure way to deposit things like payroll from your employer or transfer funds from accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Mail your deposit to our Colorado office.

How do I set up direct deposit?
In most cases, your employer will set up direct deposit for you if you provide:

  • Our name: ECCU
  • Our routing and transit number (RTN): 322273379
  • Your account number

Can I transfer my account or funds from one bank to another?
Yes. You can conduct a one-time transfer from your personal account at another financial institution to your new ECCU account by using our secure online application.

You can also transfer funds to an existing personal account at ECCU by using the transfer function of our online bill pay service.

What is your routing and transit number (RTN)?

How can I update my personal address or phone number in your records?
You have three options for updating your information:

  • The easiest way is to log in to online banking, click the Service Request tab, and complete the online Change of Address form.
  • Mail a signed request with the information on the Change of Address form to our Brea address.
  • Fax a signed request with the information on the Change of Address form to 714.671.5789.

If you are changing your name, please contact Member Services for assistance.

How do I order checks?
You can easily order or reorder checks online directly through Deluxe Corporation.

Can I conduct banking by email?
Online banking provides a secure encrypted message system that allows you to communicate with us about your account. If you are unable to speak to us by phone, this is the best way for you to contact us. In online banking, click the Setup tab, and then select View Secure Messages.

If you communicate with us via email outside of online banking, help us keep your account secure by not sending member number(s), street address number(s), account number(s), Visa® credit card or Visa® Gold check card number(s) by email, unless you use an encrypted service. We are not responsible for disclosure of any confidential information included in your emails to us.

How do I get my account balance?
The quick answer is to enroll in online banking. It allows you to access your account balance, make transfers between accounts, review electronic statements, and more at your convenience.

You can also get your account balance via Phone*Link. In the United States, call 800.540.5465 (toll-free). Internationally, call 714.671.5701.