Church Leaders Summit: Come and Capitalize on Lessons Learned from the Recession

by Jac La Tour, ECCU Communications Manager
(Originally published as a post within ECCU’s former e-publication, The Buzz.)

ECCU has long partnered with the Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) to serve our respective ministry members and their leaders. This partnership will be expressed in a unique way at the 2010 CLA National Conference in San Diego, April 19—21, as we collaborate to present the two-day Church Leaders Summit, April 20—21.

Part of our role was to put together the Summit curriculum based on lessons learned in our consultation with churches during the recession. But what are CLA’s expectations for this church-focused event? I talked with CLA President Frank Lofaro to find out.

Jac: Frank, the Church Leaders Summit is a recent addition to the CLA National Conference. What’s your vision for the Summit?

Frank: Since the financial crisis of 2008, church leaders have been confronted with decisions that many of them never had to make before. Everything from budgeting and staffing to programming and personal development has changed, forcing leaders to adapt and adjust. Demands on their time are increasing and their ministries’ needs are shifting. Of course, changes like these create unprecedented opportunities. Our vision for the Church Leaders Summit is to provide insights and ideas that inspire church leaders and promote innovation in their ministries.

Jac: You invited ECCU to partner with CLA in presenting the 2010 Church Leaders Summit. Why?

Frank: For several reasons. One is that we knew ECCU could put together a curriculum that addressed needs and issues church leaders are facing today. They’ve been working with a lot of churches in this uncertain economy, helping them to change the way they manage their financial resources. ECCU is also in touch with ministry and business leaders whose experience and expertise can help church leaders make better decisions.

Jac: Specifically, who are some of these presenters and what will they be addressing?

Frank: The Summit opens with a keynote address by a pastor, Matthew Cork, from Friends Church in Yorba Linda, California. Partly because of the economic crisis, he and his church have been on an incredible journey, from leadership turmoil to spiritual renewal. The sessions cover church leadership, personal development, financial management, and more. Dale Burke, for example, senior pastor at First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, California, will speak about how to adjust when the demands of your ministry are going up as resources are down. Jim Sheppard and Allen Walworth from Generis will help leaders create funding strategies that help their churches thrive in the uncertain economy. And ECCU is presenting several financial management sessions, including a liquidity management workshop.

Jac: Where can people get more information about the Summit?

Frank: You’ll find all the details about the Church Leaders Summit online at the CLA website, along with complete information about this year’s national conference, “Courageous Leadership in Challenging Times.” And by the way, when you register for the Summit, you’ll have access to all the conference general sessions as well, and hear from keynoters like Pastor John Ortberg, Ken Blanchard, and Major Jeff Struecker, a chaplain and former Army Ranger whose story was featured in the motion picture Black Hawk Down.

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