Are Social Networks Important?

by Jay Sherer, ECCU Marketing Supervisor
(Originally published as a post within ECCU’s former e-publication, The Buzz.)

A devastating earthquake hits Haiti. My first response is to verify that my friends in the Dominican Republic are all right. Praise God, they are fine. But then I get the bad news. A former colleague of mine is in Port-Au-Prince on a missions trip with Compassion International. As anxiety set in and fervent prayer began, I started to monitor the latest news feeds. Five years ago that meant tuning in to CNN. Today it means checking Twitter and Facebook.

My friends began to set up social networks for the specific purpose of gaining the latest information about our missing mutual friend. Facebook groups popped up and friends flooded them with information. Twitter feeds gave brief but gripping details about the plight of those in Haiti. All of us searched for information regarding our friend.

Suddenly, CNN wasn’t cutting it anymore. We needed detailed information about one man that we care dearly about. Aggregate info was just excess noise. We needed focused, dedicated coverage. And we got it. It was right there on our phones. The friends of our friend alerted us to late-breaking news that was customized to our needs—alerts and updates directed at us.

That’s the power of a social network. It’s a collective group whose members share information. Social networking happens offline, too. In fact, the early church was called to social networks. Back then it was called community.

At ECCU, we recognize that call. It’s embedded in what we do. ECCU members are a community of evangelical ministries dedicated to serving Christ. From international mission-sending agencies to small, local churches, ECCU exists to ensure that your ministry stays on mission. That is our social network, and we would love to plug you into it.

Here are some opportunities to get involved with our community:

After 60 hours of a community rallying in prayer for a missing friend, emergency workers rescued him from the rubble of his hotel. Alive and well. Thanks to my friends and our social network, I heard about his rescue within hours of it taking place. We collectively praised the God who made it happen. That’s the power of community.

Thanks for being a part of the ECCU community.

Please join us as we set aside time to pray for Haiti, its people, and the ministries that are dedicated to serving those people in their time of need.

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