Be Careful with What You’ve Been Entrusted

by Jac La Tour, ECCU Communications Manager
(Originally published as a post within ECCU’s former e-publication, The Buzz.)

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that we have weekly staff chapels here at ECCU. Guest speakers often talk about their ministries and how they’re pursuing their unique missions. These messages encourage our staff because our mission—to help ministries more effectively manage their financial resources—supports those pursuits.

Last week, though, the message came with a different twist. Azusa Pacific University (APU) President Jon Wallace was explaining why the Bible so often uses the word “walk” in the New Testament when talking about living for Christ. He cited Colossians 1:10 to show how we’re to walk “in a manner worthy of the Lord.”

At this point, I expected to hear how APU drives home this “walk worthy” idea to their students. After all, Dr. Wallace had just said that the school’s motto is “God First.” But here’s what he said instead: “This is a call to be careful with what you’ve been entrusted.”

Suddenly we were the point of Paul’s prayer. And with skillful use of a simple word picture, this university president helped a bunch of financial institution employees see that their work is really a walk that reflects directly on Christ. “Understand the valuable thing you hold,” he said, “and continue the remarkable legacy you’ve been given.”

The same is true for you. Managing ministry finances may be your work, but the way you do it is part of your walk. To do it well requires you to stay sharp, keep learning, and diligently adopt the best of financial management practices. That’s how you support the mission of your ministry.

I got the idea for this blog as I was walking back to my desk after chapel. “We provide resources to help the financial people at ministries walk worthy,” is a good paraphrase of what I was thinking. So writing about these resources is part of what it means for me to walk worthy here at ECCU. You’ll find many of them on our resources page.

To get started, you might want to check out our Ministry Advisory Panel. It’s a growing group of people like you who are willing to help us all become better at what we do…to walk worthy.

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