We’re Changing Ministry Banking Today to Bring You Even More Value

For three years, Ministry Banking Today has provided information and resources to help you more effectively manage your ministry’s financial resources. What you may not be aware of is the growing array of additional resources ECCU offers to ministries.

We are excited to introduce two new tools that will allow you to view all the ministry-specific financial management resources and information available to you from ECCU. With our new e-newsletter and blog, you’ll be able to access these resources by just clicking a link.

Here is a quick look at what you can expect.

The New ECCU Blog

First, you need to know that—beginning July 2010you will no longer receive Ministry Banking Today in its current format. Our new blog, launching July 21, will capture the same valuable information, along with other news and highlights from the ministry financial management world. Look for posts several times a week, featuring a variety of:

  • Interviews with leaders and financial decision makers of evangelical ministries
  • Resource-oriented posts, offering insights on managing ministry finances and tips on how your ministry can respond appropriately to changes in the economy (similar to the type of information you’ve been receiving from Ministry Banking Today)
  • Casual, conversational commentary on financial management issues for ministries. These posts may remind you of ECCU’s The Buzz. If you are not a current subscriber to The Buzz, no worries, it too is transforming into our blog and e-newsletter—another great resource now available to you without an additional e-mail hitting your inbox.

In addition to the regular posts, the new blog will include links to other ministry-minded resources, outside of ECCU.

On July 21, 2010, we invite you to visit the new ECCU blog and experience the transformation for yourself! If you’re currently receiving Ministry Banking Today or The Buzz, you’ll be notified of blog updates through our new monthly e-newsletter!

Want the latest resources sent directly to you before the blog launches on July 21? Sign up for our Twitter feed (www.twitter.com/eccu)!

The New ECCU e-Newsletter

Launching August 4, 2010, the new Managing Ministry Money: A Monthly Update for Financial Managers will be chock-full of valuable resources, all bundled in one tidy e-mail. With just a click of a link, you’ll have a host of ministry-centric resources available to you each month, such as:

  • Information and insights from our Ministry Advisory Panel (including current research we’re conducting and recently posted reports)
  • The “best of” our monthly blog posts
  • Videos, articles, white papers, and case studies that address current financial management topics and issues for ministries
  • Resource events and conferences recommendations
  • Current special offers and opportunities from ECCU and our strategic partners

Delivered monthly to subscribers, Managing Ministry Money will offer the most timely and relevant ministry financial information from both ECCU and our strategic partners.

If you’re already receiving Ministry Banking Today or The Buzz, your subscription will automatically transfer to Managing Ministry Money. If you haven’t yet subscribed, just follow this link to sign up.


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