Taking Prayer to the Bank

by Jac La Tour, ECCU Communications Manager
(Originally published as a post within ECCU’s former e-publication, The Buzz.)

When you grow up in rural Wisconsin, as I did, you think people from other parts of the country talk funny. And you don’t expect them to think that you do. I mean, what sounds funny about “Yah, hey there, don’t you know?”

A few weeks ago, though, it was someone from my home state who added to the list of things I didn’t expect. A federal judge in Madison ruled that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional.

If there were a list of things ministries don’t expect from a bank, I think it would include things like a passion for kingdom work and eagerness to deliver financial services to missionaries serving around the world. Praying for ministries would also make the list. But ECCU members have come to expect things like these. We often hear comments like this one from Robert Gutzwiller, superintendent of Foothill Christian Church and School in Glendora, California:

“How many banks will take time to pray with you and ask God for wisdom and for direction and for blessing upon you? That’s pretty amazing when you think about it.”

Prayer is conspicuous by its presence at ECCU. It’s part of our weekly staff chapels. My team devotes the half hour after chapel to prayer. And for the record, we support the National Day of Prayer. Yah, hey there.

Tomorrow, May 19, our entire staff has been invited to set aside their work sometime during the day to pray for our member ministries. This opportunity, which is entirely voluntary, is a natural expression of our mission to make ministries more effective. We expect prayer to have an impact on the ministries we serve.

So on behalf of the entire ECCU staff, please consider this an official invitation to take your prayer to the bank. If you’d like us to pray for your ministry tomorrow, tell us how by sending an e-mail to ministrybankingresources@eccu.org

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