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Truths about Tithers

Results of the 2013 State of the Plate research are in, and they focus on the survey responses of 4,413 tithers. By watching this free webinar recording, you’ll learn suprising insights from generosity expert Pastor Brian Kluth about why and how they give. You’ll also have access to a broad range of additional stewardship resources. Watch webinar recording.


Basic Financial Issues for the Small Church Treasurer

The U.S. landscape is dotted with smaller churches often served by volunteers. This free webinar recording by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) covers financial issues that are vital for the treasurers of these churches. Watch webinar recording.


How to Look Like a Healthy Borrower

The Great Recession forever changed the way commercial lenders evaluate potential borrowers. By watching this free webinar recording, you’ll learn more about the criteria a ministry must meet to qualify for financing today. Watch webinar recording.


Advanced Budgeting

Go beyond the principles of basic budgeting to examine the greater complexities of budgeting for larger ministries. By watching this free webinar recording, you’ll learn the importance of accurately projecting revenue and how to do it, why and how to align money and mission, and how to you use your budget to stay on mission. Watch webinar recording.