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Schools Product Package

When every dollar counts, we go to work for you.
Christian School Banking Solutions


From making a few simple transactions to complex cash management, you’ll find our easy-to-manage checking accounts have the low fees and flexibility you need.
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When it comes to savings, we think you deserve more for your money! We'll help you choose the right accounts to support your goals and maximize your earnings.
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Available exclusively to schools during enrollment months, these accounts pays maximum earnings on excess prepaid tuition, while providing the liquidity to keep you operating at full capacity.


Put the check ledger and complicated reimbursements in the past. With the Visa® Business Cards, you can easily track your expenses and transactions online, while enjoying features like zero liability fraud protection. More >

Online & Mobile Banking at your Fingertips, Literally

See all your accounts in one place, from anywhere and on any device. Plus:

Deposit checks from your phone or tablet

Easily transfer money between all your accounts

Send or receive money with the push of a button

Dashboard and Net Worth screenshots

remote deposit capture


Whether your local branch is a traffic jam or an ocean away, you can scan and submit batches of checks with a special scanner provided by AdelFi.

Scan your checks, review your deposit and securely submit online.

Deposits posted to your account the same day.


Sending funds is fast, easy, and secure using your tablet, phone, or computer.

Same day processing

Send funds domestically or internationally in U.S. dollars or foreign currency

Schedule one-time future dated or recurring wire transfers

wire transfers
ATM finder screenshot


Fee-free access to cash at nationwide CO-OP locations

Bank at 5,000 shared branches

Use a network of 30,000 ATMs

Resources for your next steps

We understand the challenges private Christian schools face. Our resources can help you plan fundraising, deal with enrollment ebbs and flows, and institute capital and planned giving campaigns.

Essential Fundraising for Schools

Enrollment is down. Now what?

Why Choose Faith-Based Banking?

What it means for your school

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Your Values are our Values

Join with a financial partner that shares your beliefs and understands the unique challenges Christian schools face.

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In good company

All ACSI accredited schools automatically qualify for AdelFi membership.

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