Managing Ministry Funds

Make the most of your financial resources.

Every dollar donated to your ministry represents potential for kingdom impact. When managed wisely, all those dollars added together can significantly increase that potential. This is one reason we’re so interested in how you’re pursuing your mission and vision. A clear understanding of your financial operations helps your ECCU ministry development officer (MDO) complete a banking assessment for your ministry and design a cash management solution that addresses your ministry’s unique needs.


Thanks to a shared passion for kingdom impact, our starting point has always been to learn about a ministry first. By understanding your unique mission, we can develop comprehensive solutions to meet your ministry’s specific needs. It has been our privilege to serve evangelical ministries in this way for over 40 years.

Intro Plus Money Market Account

If you’ve been thinking about banking with ECCU, get started with an Intro Plus Money Market Account.

Account Reconciliation

Account reconciliation saves your ministry’s staff time by downloading account information on demand.

Ministry Bonus Framework

Ministry Bonus Framework combines accounts to give higher dividends and lower fees, which frees up more funds for ministry.

Ministry Bonus Sweep Account

When the Ministry Bonus Sweep Account is working for you, good stewardship of ministry funds becomes automatic.

MoneyMover Certificate

The high yielding MoneyMover Certificate gives you the opportunity to increase earnings when interest rates rise.

Prepaid Tuition Money Market Account

Put your school’s prepaid tuition dollars to work so you can focus on your passion—educating students and growing the next generation.

Remote Deposit Services

Remote Deposit Services allow you to more efficiently process your deposits—from your desk.

Line of Credit

Lines of credit help you manage cash flow with guaranteed access to additional funds.

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Getting started on the road to a unique solution for managing your ministry’s funds is just an e-mail or phone call away. Simply click on the following Let’s Get Started link to contact us via e-mail or call the phone number listed below.