It's amazing what
they learn when
they Start Young

Introducing Start Young Banking-
kids accounts that grow with your child, at the pace you set.

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Why Start Young?
Because It’s never too early to understand money.

Together with your child, share the rewards of saving and spending responsibly, using practical money skills based on biblical values.

Parental Control, Tracking & Alerts – Safe, Simple Digital Banking –
No Monthly Fees

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Mother and Child
What's Ahead
When You Start Young:
Discover age-appropriate spending, saving and even online budgeting options that kids love to use.
iPhone and Debit Card

Kid's Accounts That Keep Them Accountable

While they learn to keep an eye on their spending and saving, you can keep an eye on their progress.

Parental monitoring, alerts and built-in protections help you guide their spending decisions.

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    24/7 Parental Monitoring
    and Alerts

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   Customizable Account Controls

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Start Young Stays with Them

Develop the biblical values of generosity and stewardship with financial resources made just for your child’s age group

Reaching Goals

Introduce, encourage and guide goal-based savings

Investment Matters

Instill God’s purpose for money and its potential when used wisely

Godly Character

Reinforce a faith-driven financial worldview