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Start Young

Why Start Young?

It’s never too early to start understanding money. Start Young Accounts give hands-on experience with budgeting and finances. And while you monitor their progress and set limits, you are also reinforcing godly values about money that will continue to grow with them.

0-7 years old

You bank, they learn.

8-12 years old

You bank together.

13-17 years old

They bank, you monitor.

Make Sure They're up to Speed With Digital Spending

The Start Young Visa® Debit Card is included with each account, as an introduction to digital spending.

You can control card access, set spending limits and provide a safe environment for teaching your child how to make responsible purchasing decisions in person or online.

Start Young debit card

Start Young debit card

Freedom For Them. Peace of Mind For You.

While they learn to keep an eye on their spending and saving, you can keep an eye on their progress. Parental monitoring, alerts and built-in protections help you guide their spending decisions right beside them or monitor from a distance with the mobile app.

tablet view of accounts
You Monitor

iphone app accounts, spending and budget
They spend, budget and save.

Not Just For Kids.
Banking Solutions For
The Whole Family.

dad and son banking together


Instant transfers from your account to Start Young Accounts for allowance or last minute tooth fairy deposits.

Easy online and mobile banking, great rates and a nationwide ATM network.

Cashback credit card options and great rates on auto loans.

Features For Them. Features For You.

Start Young Accounts offer features for both kids and their parents, giving kids the independence they need to grow and learn the parents peace of mind.


No monthly fees or overdraft*

Secure transactions

Online, in-store and ATM transactions


Easy deposits and transfers

Full parental controls over spending limits

24/7 parental monitoring and alert options

Open a Start Young Account

Tools to Help Them Stay Ahead of the Financial Curve

Check out these FREE resources from AdelFi to help your kids Start Young saving, growing and giving.

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Teach Them Diligently Convention

Proud Sponsor of The Teach
Them Diligently Convention

AdelFi is proud to be a sponsor of the Teach Them Diligently convention again for 2019. Partnering with them and other homeschool organizations to bring helpful resources to homeschool families. We hope to see you there.