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Each Membership Means More Money for Ministry

Save your missionary friends up to $600* per year!

At ECCU, missionaries are our mission, so we offer missionary members exclusive reduced fees for international banking that can save them hundreds each year.

Overseas banking can be expensive for missionaries, so ECCU covers most international fees for ATM, account and wire transactions—all adding up to a savings of more than $1 million in 2016 alone.

But they can’t save, if they don’t know. So please tell your missionary friends about banking with ECCU. We’ll even help get them started by paying all membership fees!

You can introduce ECCU in your own words, or feel free to use the attached message to send an email or post on social media.

Thank you, and let’s start saving missionaries money!

*Typical annual amount saved by ECCU members on overseas transaction fees. The actual amount of savings varies with the number and type of transactions performed.

NOTE: ECCU does not keep any email addresses entered or sent.