Our Mission

ECCU is an alliance of thousands of people and ministries, but our mission looks beyond any individual or organization to the kingdom-building work of the alliance—to the Christ-centered ministry we actually accomplish. The alliance’s mission is to steward our shared resources in ways that fuel this ministry, across the country and around the world.

We use these resources, in the context of deepening relationship, to provide the capital—financial and intellectual—that ministries and ministers need to pursue their missions. Here’s how.

Financial capital: Loans for the acquisition and improvement of ministry facilities; earned interest (dividends) to help fund alliance members’ ministry activity; and grants invested directly with Christian relief organizations to serve the poor, sick, and hungry, and to fuel church planting efforts around the world.

Intellectual capital: Management best practices and training for ministry leaders, financial management insights and information for financial decision-makers, and financial tools like a replacement reserve calculator to help them better manage their ministries’ financial capital.

If you or your ministry qualify for ECCU membership, we invite you to pursue this mission with us.