Expansion and Growth

Building room to grow.

It's time. Week after week, you're pushing your facility’s capacity to accommodate your church community. You need room to grow and pursue your vision. The solution is ECCU's combination of specialized ministry financing and cash management financial services, and the banking expertise of our ministry development team.


Thanks to a shared passion for kingdom impact, our starting point has always been to learn about a ministry first. By understanding your unique mission, we can develop comprehensive solutions to meet your ministry’s specific needs. It has been our privilege to serve evangelical ministries in this way for over 40 years.

Ministry Bonus Sweep Account

When the Ministry Bonus Sweep Account is working for you, good stewardship of ministry funds becomes automatic.

Ministry First Construction Loan

A Ministry First Construction Loan simplifies the financing of your expansion project so you can focus on building what truly matters. People.

Line of Credit

Lines of credit help you manage cash flow with guaranteed access to additional funds.

Commercial Real Estate Loan

Whether you’re purchasing property or refinancing an existing loan, ECCU can provide a real estate loan to meet your needs.

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Getting started on the road to a unique expansion and growth solution for your ministry is just an e-mail or phone call away. Simply click on the following Let’s Get Started link to contact us via e-mail or call the phone number listed below.